How do I submit my design?



Before you submit your design, have you considered every single detail you possibly can for your pieces? 


What fabric are you using, and will it be lined? How long will it be? Will it have buttons or a zipper? Pockets? What's the finish? Will the stitching match the fabric or will it contrast in a different colour? etc


Compile all your notes and have labelled sketches where possible! 


If you are unable to sketch, don’t worry! Just include images which best convey all your ideas. 


If you have ideas that you wanna draw from garments you have already purchased or own, then we are also able to use these to create your patterns too! 


All these details will then need to be presented as a specification sheet - we have created a template for those of you who are unsure, you can find it (here). 


If you feel lost, or feel that you don’t understand what to do, just remember we are here to help you :) We will always review and confirm all your ideas before anything is submitted for sampling, making sure that the information we have is exactly what you wish. 


Please read our ‘Sample processes Guidebook’ (below) to see an example of a specification sheet.

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