I don’t know where to start! HELLLP!


We would love to help you! 


Reach out and tell us what you’re thinking! We’re here to listen & guide you forward <3


Do you have a mood board? Show us your inspirations! 


Show us any pictures you have gathered, tell us the colours you like and show us the textures you want to work with. Don’t hesitate to show us ideas gathered from people you follow on instagram etc 


We will make sure we give our fabric buyers the right idea so that they can find a variety of options for you to have fun with!

What do you have access to?


Pretty much everything! We have so many fabrics in our office, we carry all the essentials in plain colours. Anything we don’t have, we will try to source for you!

Can I source my own fabric and accessories?




If you have found a fabric you really like then please tell us. We can help you organise sending it to our factory. Please note that you will have to cover the freight costs to distribute the fabric to the factory.

Can I visit the fabric markets?



If you plan on visiting China, let us know and we will arrange for someone from our team to show you around!