{quality control}

I want my pieces to look great and feel well made, what can you do about that?


We love that you care about this! All your work deserves to be executed well.


When you submit your spec sheets, we will review them to make sure that the details of your designs are compatible. We can advise you if a certain fabric wont work well and if we feel that it will compromise the quality of your design. 


Sampling will also give us a true representation of the look & feel of your work, so when you review your samples, critique them with detail and please tell us all your concerns! We want to make sure you are satisfied with your styles :)


To avoid rushed work we recommend that you approach this process in an organised way, and things will run smoothly! Please follow our samples & production lead time recommendations.


Furthermore, we have a quality control team in China that inspects all orders before they are shipped.