{plagiarism & copying}

I don’t want ZYA to copy my designs! 


We know the feels! And we can relate.


It has taken us (Mel & Alyse) a few years to refine our vibe and to feel confident about our expression with our styles. We love our ideas as much as you love yours! 


If we feel there is ever a conflict, we will work with you to find the best way to move forward - before any physical sampling!


We can assure you that your work will remain confidential, and it won't be disrespected.

What about other clients?


Your projects will not be shared or viewed by other clients. This is a huge NO-NO!


We will also let you know, ahead of time, if your work is in conflict with other clients/labels. We are unable to discuss whose (other client/label) designs conflict with yours and especially any specifics of the conflicting design/s) 


If your work presents conflicts then you have the opportunity to design some more! Challenge yourself and see what else you can create! 

I am inspired by pieces I already own, and I want to have similar concepts in my designs....


Don’t worry, we get it. We are inspired by other creatives too!


If you are using the shape of other brands, then please be mindful that you only incorporate an element as a reference for your work. Remember, creativity is limitless, how will you elevate what inspires you?


If you are unsure, manipulating and re-working what you admire from other styles is acceptable, as long as the garment is clearly distinct from the original reference style.