Does ZPH offer packaging options?


Yes! All your styles will arrive packaged and we can produce customised packaging!

What packaging does ZPH offer?


We can help you produce swing tags & woven garment tags.


We also produce customised individual biodegradable garment bags. If you have an online business and you want to have your own customised postal bags, we can do this too!!

Contact us to discuss your ideas & provide us with the correct files so we can begin sampling!

Wait... I need to sample the packaging? How long does that take?


It takes up to 2 days to review your designs, confirm & submit to the manufacturers. It can then take up to 3 weeks to produce a customised packaging sample, and another 3 weeks to resample if you wish to make changes.

What happens when my swing tags, woven labels and garment bags are ready?


Great question! We keep them in the factory so that they can be attached to your styles as production takes place. 


All woven labels are attached to your garments after the fabric is cut, this means that woven labels need to be ready before you place any PO’s! Please consider this when you plan your production timelines! 


When a garment is complete the swing tag is attached and is then packaged into a garment bag, ready to be shipped. Tags & garment bags need to be ready before production commences, allow up to 3 weeks for them to be ready before placing your PO.

What about customised postal bags?


We can ship these to you so that you can have these in your warehouse for your customer deliveries. 

I have my own labelling & packaging supplier, can i use my own?


Of course!


Make sure you notify us ahead of time so that we can arrange for your tags, labels or bags to be sent to the FTY before production commences.