{sparkle & light}

We value LOVE above all! We feel that this force is made up of sparkle & light and lives within us. When we channel our spirit we radiate happiness and harmony.


{sustainability & ethics}

Being consciously aware of the choices we make and the impact of our actions (& practices) because we love & respect all beings, as well as Mother Nature.



All fashion projects are a unique blend of creativity, passion & commitment. Sharing these with the world creates a special sense of achievement within.

At ZYA we also share ourselves through our collections and therefore can fully empathise with this feeling. We respect our clients and believe in keeping their ideas totally confidential.



While nothing is perfect, we believe in creating garments which reflect the level of love, care & time that goes into each one. Every little detail counts and we recognise the importance of this.  

{comfort & support}

Being able to share our wisdom and resources has inspired us to do so in a way which creates a fun, relaxed & enjoyable experience. The process can feel overwhelming as there are many details to consider for everything to flow. We are here to help you, and most importantly to listen to you!



An open mind is refreshing! Creativity is exciting, it inspires fun and exercises our imagination! The power of creativity is limitless.