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How long does it take to produce a sample?


All beautiful things take time! 


We highly recommend that you get your calendars out and plan accordingly for the process!


If you want a style/collection in by a particular time (for example festival season) then please follow our guidelines for sampling lead times. 


Firstly, we must consider if we need to source fabrics or garment accessories for you as it takes 1-3 days to source these. We can show you our findings via emailed photo references, or If you prefer to receive physical fabric cards then it will take 1 week for them to be shipped and delivered!


Secondly, it takes up to 2-4 days for your sample designs to be reviewed and submitted.

Lastly, sampling can take up to 3 weeks and may take longer if your designs are styles which include special requests like embroidery, printing or dyeing.

To summarise, the sampling process can take up to 5-6 weeks when we include all the possible factors just mentioned.


Please read our ‘Sample Processes Guidebook’ for a full summary of our sample lead times.

How long does it take to receive my production order once it is placed?


This is a similar process to sampling! 


As soon as we receive your order and submit it to the FTY, it will take up to 3 days to purchase the fabric required for your order (if it is available!) and up to 6 weeks to produce your order. 


We will always contact you to confirm the ETA once an order has been placed!


Please read our ‘Production Processes Guidebook’ for a full summary of our production lead times.

How long do repeat orders take to produce?


It takes up to 4 weeks to produce styles that are reordered. 

How long does it take to have customised packaging like woven labels, swing tags, garment bags or postal bags?


It takes up to 3 weeks to receive a sample and up to 3 weeks to manufacture the order of your chosen packaging.


All together, it can take up to 6 weeks to have packaging (not including the time it may take for you to review your sample and place an order with us).


All packaging orders need to be ready before production commences so please organise your ideal stock landing dates around this.

I’m a bit overwhelmed, could you help me understand how long everything will take if I want my samples/stock by (insert date)?


There's a lot to remember! 


For your first order only, we recommend that you work on your samples & packaging simultaneously to be able to have everything ready for production.


After your first order you will already have your packaging sorted! 

Based on everything, from samples to finished production, it could take between 2-3 months.


Contact us so we can help you create a realistic timetable based on your needs!