I have a small budget, is it expensive to produce?


Honestly, this will depend on your design! 


We will let you know what details of your design are costly and if there are cheaper alternatives. We will always source options to best suit your economic needs. 

How do you calculate the cost?


We need to have a sample to be able to know the cost, once we have a sample we then calculate the cost of the garment. 


We also need to know what method of delivery you would prefer to receive your stock, as this also affects the cost!


The prices reflect the 3 shipping options:



The cost of the garment + freight to our SYD warehouse + freight to you (if you are not local and unable to pickup). 

This price is in $AUD 

2. DDP:

The cost of the garment + freight direct to you. 

This price is in $USD


The cost of the garment (you organise your own shipping). 

This price is in $USD

How do I pay for my orders?


Our bank details can be found on the invoice we issue to you when your order is ready.

Can I receive my stock before I pay for it?


We will only release your orders when we have received proof of payment in the form of a remittance receipt. 

Do you charge to make samples?


Only if you don't end up placing an order on the final sample!


AND your first 3 final samples are FREE! If your 4th sample is not ordered & produced you will be charged for it.


(A final sample is the approved sample, regardless of resamples)

Do you charge for resampling?


No! Only if the final sample of that style is not ordered, and only after your 3rd sample style.

Do you charge for packaging and garment labels?


Yes, all customised packaging & garment labels are included within the cost price of the garment. 


The fee per item is usually small as all packaging is ordered in bulk - we will give you quantity options for this too.


We will communicate the costs per unit to you after you have decided you want to move forward with an approved packaging/label design.

What about postal bags?


Yes, we will quote you the price based on your postal bag sample, with different quantity options too.


All packaging is produced in bulk so that we can offer the best price!

Do you charge a fee for consultations?


No, we don’t! We want this process to be as chill for you as possible!


No matter what stage you are at, the team at ZPH recommends that you first reach out and discuss your vision and thoughts. The more we know about your project (as early on as possible) the best we can direct you!


Please email us at info@zyaproductionhouse.com